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Jun 30
Published in Environment

Trends in how to make Plasticware appealing to the Environmentally Conscious Consumer Featured

There is a major shake-up occurring in the plastic manufacturing industry. The change is happening remarkably quickly across the world for converters and brands alike. It has been a watershed year for the plastics industry. Globally the noise around plastic pollution has increased, and recently there has been key decisions made by governments, brand owners and the industry at large. But this is not the end for the industry. In fact, most industry players are supporting the proposed initiatives. For the most part industry, governments and civil society are aligned on the desire to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of plastic that ends up as a pollutant.

Step 1

Eliminate the production of unnecessary polluting items or replace them with more environmentally-friendly solutions, i.e. straws, earbuds, plastic fast food containers and plastic cutlery.

Step 2

Move away from necessary, but ‘not easily’ recyclable items. It’s more difficult in cases where the requirements of product protection includes the use of complex barrier films, which make recycling difficult. It also requires collaboration and an openness to innovation Between the converters who make the material, and the brand owners who demand the use of, or performance that these materials provide.

A good example is the reduction in the use of colors in beverage and home care bottles. Uncoloured plastic is more valuable in the recycling stream and is more likely to be recycled. Recently in Europe, a number of large plastics converters committed that all the products they produce will be recycled by 2025.

Step 3

Close the circle and ensure that those items that are ‘fit for purpose’ and made from materials that can be recycled (e.g. PET beverage bottles) are actually recycled. This is done by supporting the recycling industry to ensure that recycled items find an end-use market. This includes supporting the recycling financially (e.g. through contributions to EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) organisations), to purchasing and using recycled material back into the products you produce, or owning and running recycling organisations to ensure the industry remains

Evernu’s Humble Yet Effective Role in Conserving Our Environment

Evolving with the changing times and current trends.

Evernu’s durable, yet economical crockery and cutlery are surely a friendlier alternative to their disposable counterparts, which end up as environment waste after just a single use. We do our part to mitigate the harm of plastic waste from the environment by recycling it into products like basins, tubs and chairs. Besides recycling plastic waste, we also source recycled raw material for some of our products.


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