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Monday, 23 December 2019 11:35

Plasticware Hacks for 2020

There is a major shake-up occurring in the plastic manufacturing industry. The change is happening remarkably quickly across the world for converters and brands alike. It has been a watershed year for the plastics industry. Globally the noise around plastic pollution has increased, and recently there has been key decisions made by governments, brand owners and the industry at large. But this is not the end for the industry. In fact, most industry players are supporting the proposed initiatives. For the most part industry, governments and civil society are aligned on the desire to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of plastic that ends up as a pollutant.

Back to School 2020: Prep/pack school lunches:

We have to admit, preparing school lunches is the pits! It’s the last thing we want to do after a long day. Doing it in the morning while trying to prepare breakfast, and drink our coffee starts the day off in chaos. So bite the bullet and get as much of it packed as you can the night before. Better yet, teach your kids how to pack their own lunches and then you’re totally off the hook and actually teaches your children some responsibility and saves you time during the week. We have a wide range of Nu-ware hinged lunch box combinations, available in a range of sizes and youthful colours. Get a few different ones for your children so they can mix-and-match when making lunch and have fun.

Keep your children well hydrated during their busy day by including our BPA Free juice and sports bottles that don’t leak.

Organised Space Savers

Nothing can slow down a fast‐moving train like a child hemming and hawing over what to wear. Nip that indecision by planning your child’s outfits for the week in advance. Collect all of the outfit components (clothing, under garments, socks, and accessories) and organize them by day using two of our three-tier storage drawerslabel them with the days of the week and place each day’s outfit in the corresponding drawer, your child has easy access to that day’s oufit. You can even have a dedicated super drawer for all sports attire – now that’s super organized!

Bathroom Refresh!

Declutter and up-style your bathroom with our 60L Designer Stitch Laundry Basket, available in a variety of colours to match any décor look. They are designed to not only look elegant but made from hard-wearing, lightweight plastic and has concealed handles to make carrying mountains of laundry comfortable. If the stitch basket is really full, simply roll it around on the concealed 2-way wheels. Now your guests don’t need to see your dirty washing in 2020.

Our 50L Nu Rattan Hipster baskets are also popular, easy to clean and a real practical solution for those machine to wash line loads:


Cleaning Plasticware:

Plasticware is the best for storing food. Whether packing lunch for school and office or storing the leftovers, the plastic containers with lid are the most convenient way to keep your food fresh. But, would you want today’s berry yogurt to taste like the day before roast meat? Are you tired of the tomato stains in your plasticware? As the plastic containers are used extensively to store food, they catch odours and stains over the months of use. Here are some of the ways to remove stains and odour’s from plasticware that you may try to increase the longevity of the plastic containers:

Remove stains and odours from plasticware using White Vinegar: You will need white vinegar, microfiber cloth, hot water, and dishwashing liquid to deodorize the plasticware. Firstly, clean the plasticware using a microfiber cloth, dishwashing liquid, and hot water as you do for cleaning any pots and pans. Then, pour vinegar and fill the plasticware. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the vinegar (and recycle it) and wash the plasticware again with hot water and soap. You may repeat the process if the odour still persists.

Removing stains and odours from plasticware using Lemon: It is not possible to get rid of the tomato stains from a microwaved plasticware container. Wondering why? It is because the heat in the microwave bakes the tomato sauce and stains your plastic container. It is always better to use glassware to heat in the microwave instead of plastic. If you haven’t microwaved the plasticware then, lemon is one of the best options to remove stains and odours from plasticware. For removing tomato stains from the plasticware with lemon, first, you need to scrape all the food from the plastic container and rinse it. Next, cut the lemon into two halves and rub it over the discoloured areas in the container. Keep rubbing it on the stains by slightly squeezing in the juice. Let the juice dry up in the sun so, place the container outside for an hour or till juice dries up. Finally, wash the plastic container along with its lid and see the difference.

Removing stains and odours from plasticware using Baking Soda: Like the lemon, baking soda also has several uses. From cleaning silverware to kitchen countertop and stain removal, baking soda works wonders. To remove stains and odours from plasticware using baking soda, wipe out all food remnants from the plastic container. Make a thick paste by mixing water and baking soda in a bowl. Then, apply the paste on the stained areas of the plastic container with your fingers. Leave the paste on the stains for around 15-20 minutes and later rinse it with water. Repeat it as many times needed until the stains are completely gone. Then, wash the plasticware as you usually do and see if you can see the change.

So there you have it. A few simple ways to get off on the right foot for the year ahead. Keep it organized and tidy this 2020.



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