Some 30 plus years ago, a humble team got together to make a difference in the plastic housewares market. This is when one of South Africa’s favourite housewares brands, “nuware” was born to the newly established company “Nu-Plastics”.

In nurturing the “nuware” brand, this small team at Nu-Plastics attended to everything from operations to administration and finance; and even marketing. We are grateful to the Almighty and humbled at the growth trajectory of the company which went on to create thousands of job opportunities and put a smile on endless nuware lovers’ faces, and is still doing so.
In 2003, new owners decided to further invigorate the name to “Evernu Plastics”; maintaining their head office in Durban, and operations in Isithebe; an industrial area some 150 km away. They continued to water this garden with their blood and sweat.

Then came a historic move: In 2020 to consolidate their operations and head office under one roof they joined together in their own industrial complex in Pinetown.
When we started we might have been unsure of what the future would hold for this, but of these we were always certain; that the team here at EverNu plastics would go the extra mile to look after and conserve the environment: from recycling to solar energy application, we have an entire division of our facility that is devoted to the recycling economy and we are implementing strategies to preserve our world for generations to come.
We also take upskilling our team very seriously. We believe that we are what our team is: The higher they rise, the higher we do.